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Initial examination: Through our Boston location we offer thorough initial examinations ranging from simple, condition specific examinations to comprehensive examinations incorporating recent technological advances in objectively evaluating, diagnosing and documenting injury and disability. Commonly performed: Neurological tests, functional testing, orthopedic tests, muscle tension, endurance / stability / strength and balance tests, postural evaluation from head to toe, ranges of motion, specific joint integrity and motion tests.


Technological Testing

Adjustment / Joint Manipulation: Our profession’s unique, safe and effective way of optimizing joint and nervous system function. Techniques range from very gentle to more vigorous focused on safely maximizing joint movement, effectiveness for your condition, and individual tolerance and preference.
Options: Traditional Diversified Manipulation, Flexion Distraction, Thompson Drop, Activator (modified), Sacral Occipital Technique, muscle energy techniques. We always address muscles, ligaments and joints together. At times we use massage, stretching & myofascial release to reduce adhesions & improve flexibility.


Therapeutic Exercise / Rehabilitation: Our Boston location will enable individuals to take control of their condition or state of health. Strengthening exercises, re-education  of proper muscle balance, postures or balance and stability, or simple stretching exercises can be at different times helpful for complete recovery and preventing recurrence.
Options: Individualized and specific stretching and exercise regimens, Post-isometric relaxation, Neuromuscular facilitation, Core strengthening, Gymball, Balance boards, Bodyblade / wand (upper extremity rehab), proprioceptive training and many other forms of floor exercises, elastic resistance strengthening, limited free weight training, upper body ergometer, stationary bicycle.


Physiotherapeutic Modalities: Electrical therapy is utilized to reduce swelling, pain, and to accelerate healing. Ultrasound therapy consists of high frequency sound waves that penetrate deep and help to break up adhesions, reduce inflammation, pain, and accelerate healing. Hot packs increase circulation and soft tissue flexibility to an area preparing it for stretching or joint manipulation. Cold packs constrict blood vessels reducing inflammation, and pain at an acutely injured area.




Nutritional Assessment & Supplements:  We offer options of basic nutritional assessment, or a comprehensive intake / analysis to determine your nutritional status and needs. When required advanced testing is ordered and performed through off-site laboratories. Frequently our patients ask us for specific nutritional recommendations recognizing that not all companies offer effective products. The best nutritional companies make their products available only through physicians. The following is a list of reputable companies with the best combination of quality and price we have found:


Metagenics   Biotics   Nutriwest  


Custom Made Orthotics: Our feet were designed to walk on soft uneven ground like grass. Modern society requires us to stand and walk on rigid straight surfaces. Coupled with poorly designed or uncomfortable shoes most people's feet develop some form of dysfunction. The more you walk and stand with poor support the worse it gets. Unfortunately the problem does not end at the feet since the foundation of the body can transfer stress to the knees, hips, back and so forth all the way up to the neck. The stresses and eventual dysfunction usually develop unevenly. This means symmetrical – off the shelf inserts – will not offer the proper correction. Our custom made orthotics are shaped to your specific dysfunction, (calculated from a digital scan of your feet and other physician measurements), offering precise support. Use of orthotics has been proven to even out pelvic unleveling, help maintain chiropractic spinal correction, reduce postural fatigue, improve balance, and athletic performance.


Why Our Orthotics?



Accurate computerized scans.
Many styles to choose from for different lifestyles and shoes.
Layers of varied and customized shock absorptive material where your foot needs it.
Semi-rigid natural support (foot needs some give for shock absorption - plastics limit it).
Support all 3 arches of the foot (most others just address 1).
Money back guarantee.



Men's and Women's Made to measure foot ware with customized orthotic:
Ideal combination of comfort, looks, and proper support.
Shoes made to computerized scan of foot to ensure proper fit and support.
Integrated customized 3 arch support - removable and transferable.
Florsheim, Brooks, and Footlevelers footwear available.
Other Products: Orthopedic Cervical Pillows, Lumbar Supports & Belts, Various Joint Braces, Therabands, Biofreeze ointment, exercise Swissballs of various sizes.


Our Fees



  • Initial Chiropractic Examination

$80 -150

  • Joint Manipulation / Mobilization

$50 - 75

  • Myofascial Release Techniques /
    manual therapy


  • Other Manual Therapy

-Trigger Point Therapy

-Soft Tissue Massage

-Stretching / soft tissue elongation

$20 - 35

  • Hot & Cold Packs


  • Ultrasound Therapy


  • Electrical Therapy


  • Nutritional Consultation


  • Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Exercise

-Stationary Bicycle
-Upper body ergometer
-Synergy / Theraband elastic resistance
-Exerball / Swissball
-Balance Boards proprioceptive training
-Neuromuscular re-education


  • Consultations: (time dependant)

-Nutritional Recommendations
-Individualized Exercise Program
-Weight Management
-Training Activities of Daily Living




  • 30 minute session


  • 60 minute session


  • 90 minute session




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